Our Current Apparatus


Squad 2

Squad 2 is a 2018 Spartan Rescue Pumper which responds first to all Motor Vehicle Accidents and HazMat Incidents. It is also the second truck out for a structure fire.


Engine 3

Engine 3 is a 2013 Sutphen Pumper that responds first to any type of fires and carbon monoxide calls. 


Rescue 7-2

Rescue 7-2 responds first to any type of EMS and EMS assist calls.


Chief 9

This is one of two of our Chief Command Vehicles.

Our Past Apparatus


Engine 3

This was our 1996 R.D. Murry on a Spartan chassis.


Rescue 7

This was our second rescue. It was a 1999 R.D. Murry. It was our first real attempt at a "Heavy Rescue". 


Emergency 7

This was our second Rescue truck . It was  a 1981 Pierce on a Ford chassis. 


Engine 3

This was our 5th pumper. It was a 1974 Young on a Ford chassis. 


Utility 5

This was our first rescue, affectionately called the "Ice Cream Truck". It was a 1964 Young on a Ford Chassis. After its service with us it went on to service the Springbrook Fire Company in Elma, NY.


Engine 3

This was our fourth pumper. It was a 1954 GMC affectionately know as the "Sea Biscuit". 


Engine 3

This was our third pumper. It was a 1937 Buffalo. It was our first brand new fire truck.


Engine 3

This was our second pumper . It was a 1917 Hahn with a chain driven rear end.


Engine 3

This was our first mechanical fire engine. It was a converted 1925 four-cylinder Reo coal truck that replaced our horse drawn wagon.